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    The next build is an attempt to merge the strong points of the Mage and the Warrior classes.

    It does this by using spells to clear half the room, and using Triumphant Charge while the spell is still ongoing.

    Thus most of the skills are from the warrior class, and all the spells are from the Mage class.

    How does it work? Well Triumphant Charge is an interrupt that triggers on a kill. The kill can be triggered by a spell killing things, and it does so every time a kill is made so an area effect that kills dozens (I’m looking at you Chain Reaction) will trigger this dozens of time. The beauty of chain reaction is that only the initial blast will damage you, so as long as that one is far enough away you will suffer no damage while charging through the blasts.
    For best effect concentrate on the mobs not in range of the blasts, so you can clear the whole room at once.

    The idea is using your staff to kill the mobs while charging, so the spell will do normal damage. It can also be done while dual wielding, the spells will do significantly less damage, but will still clear minions, and while dual wielding you will generate enough crits so that the chain will keep going by itself.

    Things to watch out for:
    Some mobs will interrupt you with things like prone, immobilize, confusion, fear etc. This will stop the chain and the entire spell will pass before you can do something about it. The solution is using burst of speed before launching your first spell of mass destruction. That way you can clear the conditions and do the next spell of mass destruction, before the mobs get a turn.
    Also beware of bows. If you are wielding one no charge is possible.
    Some traps will stop you even if you are flying, most notable a rune of repelling. As long as you avoid those there is no need for the leap attack skill.

    The build:
    Military weapon Proficiency.
    Armor Training.
    Magical Implement Proficiency.
    Basic Spell Casting.
    Precise Charge.
    Swift Charge.
    Brutal Charge.
    Triumphant Charge.
    Stone Shaper.
    Quick Recovery.
    As long as you have the above the build works. The rest makes the build more efficient.
    Quick Draw. Particularly important if you have weapons with action surge.
    Heavy Armor Specialization.
    Unwavering Focus.
    Cleaving Criticals.
    Deadly Advantage.
    Riposte. This may also trigger a charge chain.
    Deadly Precision.
    Weapon mastery.
    Savage Warrior.
    Great weapon Specialisation.
    Massive Criticals. All these make your staff deadlier. I started out with a 8D12 staff with one additional damage type. With these skills it becomes a 12D16 weapon, a significant Improvement.

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