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    First off, I love the new updates- previously I couldn’t get beyond the fifth floor before dying so much that the EXP debt was insurmountable.

    I’ve made it down to the floor with Drazul, and I can easily clear any group of enemies there… until I find Drazul, at which point I can last maybe a turn before he one shots me, even when I’m trying a full defense build. I’m level 31, and I’ve tried a full defense shield build with charge abilities and skills (leaping 50 times around the room, killing everything, is a lot of fun!), a full crit build, and even a full mage summoner build (so I could try and stay away from the conflict), but the result is always death. Any good strategies for this guy?


    I was lvl 36 warrior when I got to Drazul, but not sure how much the higher lvl helps. His first hit was a hard one, but I survived. Took more than half my health. I had a cloak with an immunity to paralyze that helped tremendously with mobs thru endgame. I also kept using attacks that caused confusion on Drazul throughout the fight. I have a few attacks that cause this and would time them to keep him and some of the mob confused. This seemed to help tremendously. Took awhile to whittle down his health, but I did kill him first try with this tactic.


    I found Drazul when I was a level 31 Warrior and succeeded in killing him the first try. What I learned:

    ——–SPOILERS AHEAD!!!———-





    When I hit the depth of 1250, I knew this was the level: there were no more stairs down. Reveal Monster let me know where he was before I ran into him. Still, he phased thru the door and came after me before I had a chance to prep, before I even got close to the door.

    His first hit is HUGE. I had ~12,000 HP and 80% resist on almost everything except radiant damage, and he dropped me I think to ~300 HP. To be fair, I had probably been debuffed (“you are more vulnerable to <everything>”) already, but still.

    Subsequent rounds of damage were much more survivable: hits in the neighborhood of ~1150 damage, plus two auras each doing about ~225 damage each turn.

    He is definitely vulnerable to radiant damage (roughly 300%), and definitely immune to psychic damage. Physical, fire, lightning, and acid damage were all normal.

    My hits were dealing between 3,000 damage (using Riposte, my weakest hit) to 28,000 damage (the strongest of the hits against him in my log). Later, when I checked my log, I could only see my last five hits on him, with a total of about 62,000 damage to him. If I kill him again, I’ll check the log sooner (maybe even keep track during the fight) to get a better idea of his total HP. I’m guessing I had to hit him around 12-15 times, which is a long battle for me: I one-shot killed his level 28 mini-bosses.

    If you can dish out massive damage, then survivability (and saves) are all you have to worry about. I think I used 1x Clarity potion at the start, and during the fight I used 2x Ultimate Rejuvenation and 1x Cure Blindness. I also used Blood of the Masses I think twice <<AoE attack with regain 25% HP per hit>>, a Second Wind <<regain 50% HP>>, and a Juggernaut’s Advance <<regain 100% HP>>. Other than that, I was just using my heaviest hits available (based on cooldowns). I think I tried both Confound and Sunshine (abilities provided by purple gear), but I don’t remember either seeming to make a big difference.

    I’m working up a Warrior guide showing which skills and powers I think were most beneficial, which I will post as soon as I have a decent draft completed.

    P.S. – the game pretty much ends after you defeat Drazul, so if there is anything you want to do in the game …. do it before beating him.

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