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    1.The start is hard. You barely have nothing in your first descent. If unlucky, you have to get out after 3 moves.
    2.a brass lantern is a really good item.
    3.a warrior with a reach weapon and some healing and rejuvenation potions gets well along until sumrata. Beware getting surrounded.
    4.a mage should use a summon and much skills to get away.
    5.nial can be given a potion as well.
    6.the ravager is brutal. Can instakill even buffed warriors with good gear. I don‘t know how people kill him. To get through I recommend summoner with wall creation. Just send one golem after the other.
    7.uncontrolled teleport is only the last escape. It is asking for death.
    8.most scrolls are useful

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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